Diversity Training: Diversity Is All around You

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When I facilitate diversity workshops and seminars, I’m gratified to see a wide variety of people in the room with different perspectives and life experiences.  Some people hear the word diversity and perhaps perceive it as being a nuisance, extra work or something unfamiliar.  That’s OK because it is precisely a variety of ideas and perspectives that makes the world more interesting.

In practice, diversity is really just a reflection of the varied talents, abilities and experiences present in any given environment.  Diversity is all around us.  How do I know?  I see it everywhere.  Let me give you an example from any of the workshops I facilitate.  When I look at the participants I am constantly reminded that:

  • No two people look exactly alike in the room
  • No two people hold the same beliefs in the room.
  • No two people have the same life experience.
  • No two people love exactly the same movies.
  • No two people hear what I say in the same way.
  • No two people love exactly the same music.
  • No two people love the same books.
  • No two people have the same voice.
  • No two people think of the topic in the same way.
  • No two people love all the same people.

There are many more things that could go on the list.  We don’t always realize it, but we are constantly moving in a world of vast diversity.  It’s up to each of us whether we choose to celebrate how great we all are follow another path.  Which path do you choose?



4 thoughts on “Diversity Training: Diversity Is All around You

  1. I always remain objective with who I meet Guy, because none of us know the whole story about anyone, and what makes them who they are. Thank God for the diversity in people, it makes life great with so many interesting people, with so much to share!

    1. Great point Lauri. I’d be interested in how you define it in your organization. Diversity can be defined in so many ways that I tend to focus on helping people move past definitions to focusing on interacting positively. Take care, Guy.

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